Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HW 3: The Wabot

Tonight, I want you to read about a pretty important robot in the history of robotics.  The Wabot (followed later by the Wabot-2) was the first humanoid robot.  For reading, I found two links:

The first is the page from Waseda Univerity, the college in Japan that invented Wabot.

The second link I want you to read is actually from a synthesizer (music keyboard) website.  Read what they mention about it, but there is also a video on this page you should check out.

You can write about both models of the robot for homework tonight.  Use the standard sheet (posted on the right) to guide your writing.  To remind  you, I prefer you write in paragraph format, a much more mature form of writing.

One more (extra thing), do some searching, but in your response somewhere also define the term 'humanoid robot'.  I would like to talk with you guys in class what it means tomorrow.

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